Star Wars Episode III.V: Verge of Rebellion

Post Eight

I looked around the room, and decided to take a seat at the side of his table. It looked big enough to have eight or ten men surround it, probably to be used for making grandiose plans of raiding unsuspecting ships. Then again, who was I to judge. I carefully looked over Novus once more. He didn’t look all that intimidating, for a Wormhead. Wait. “No”, I thought to myself. In my short time with the Imperials, I had heard insinuations of their feelings on humans being superior to all other races in the galaxy. I didn’t want myself to fall into believing such harmful dogma.

Back to Novus’ question.

“You have to understand, my time with the Imperials was fairly short. My family on Kwenn, we didn’t engage ourselves in political matters. We always kept to ourselves, except for my uncle’s family. They emigrated to Agamar because they heard the Empire was offering cheap land and better job opportunities. Seemed foolish to me, leaving your home system like that. I’ve never been one for space travel, you see.”

Novus raised his eyebrows, no doubt surprised to hear my objections to exploring the galaxy. I’m sure it was a foreign concept to a pirate like himself. I continued.

“The Imperials came into my town one day. Said they needed new recruits for some war they’re fighting. I didn’t even realize there was a war. I vaguely remembered an incident at the Space Station when I was young, but that was years ago. Anyway, for some reason I felt compelled to join the infantry when they came calling. I never even had the desire to leave Kwenn; I just felt, at that moment, that it was the direction my life needed to go. I don’t overthink a situation, you know?”

Novus scratched his chin, and nodded. He seemed interested in my story.

“So they loaded me and five other guys on their transport ship, and said we were traveling to a training center on Carida. They mentioned they had some clones that had been doing this work, I guess? But apparently, a lot of them are starting to be mustered out. Why they aren’t cloning more of them, I don’t know. They just said they were looking for a few good men to take their place. That was probably the most information they shared with me during this entire process. I was basically confined to a small room until your group came aboard the ship and caused quite the commotion. I guess that brings us to the here and now. I don’t necessarily trust you, but it turns out I didn’t really trust the Imperials either.”


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