Star Wars Episode III.V: Verge of Rebellion

Post Eleven

Peek leads you down a series of corridors, pointing out areas of interest along the way. Most importantly the mess hall. As he walks, he gives you a brief history of the ship: The Eclipse.

“The ship began its service as a bulk freighter, but Captain A’tak commandeered it after the Emperor came to power. It has been highly modified to serve as the mobile base for this resistance cell.”

He seems to hesitate for an instant, which is odd for a droid.

“I do not know what your plans are once we reach Ord Mantell. I do know that the Captain must see potential in you. Historically, he would blow you out an airlock rather than allow you free run of the ship.”

You turn a final corner, and Peek gestures to a door.

“These are your quarters. You should find them adequate. I will be stationed outside the door should you require anything. Enjoy your night.”

The door to your cabin slides open. Peek stands with his back to the bulkhead beside the door and appears to go into a hibernate mode.

As you enter the cabin, you find yourself alone for the first time since you left Kwenn.


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