Star Wars Episode III.V: Verge of Rebellion

Post Five

You almost make it back to your quarters, but before you turn the last corner you see flashes of blaster fire and hear men screaming. You peek around and see the Imperials exchanging fire with a rag-tag group you assume must be the pirates. As you watch the pirates take out the last of the visible Imperial troops. The Twi’lek leader calls,

“Cease Fire!”

Then pulls a voice amplifier from a belt pouch.

" Attention, any remaining Imperial personnel! Lay down your weapons! I am Captain Novus A’tak , commander of the Eclipse Resistance. Know this: this sector is closed to Imperial traffic. We reject your ‘New Galactic Order’, your ‘Emperor’, and your presence here! We will be commandeering this transport. Any of you Imps who don’t resist will be dropped off at the nearest world outside this sector, in order that you may bring this message to your masters."

As he’s talking you feel a faint…tug in your mind and notice an Imperial officer, blaster drawn, creeping down a perpendicular corridor just out of Novus’ line of sight.


AndrewGatlin AndrewGatlin

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