Star Wars Episode III.V: Verge of Rebellion

Post Four

My hands started fumbling over the control panel, until an errant spark momentarily singed my finger. I shook it in pain, and tried to focus. I had to focus. When I did, I was almost always able to do whatever it was I needed – almost like something else was guiding me. I just needed to clear my head. I took a deep breath, then pulled a lever to my right. And… an alarm shrieked to life from seemingly overhead, and a bright red “DANGER” sign lit on the control panel.

“I have a bad feeling about this…”

But there was no more time to be worry about that. Suddenly, a husky guard spun me around, and almost knocked me to the ground as he shoved a blaster in my chest and arms.

“Here, plebe. You might want to carry this if you value your life. Now get back to your quarters. But remember, if you see anyone suspicious, shoot first and ask questions later!”

He took off running down a long corridor. I stuck the weapon in my belt loop, covered my ears with my hands to try to block out the incessant noise, and started back to my room.


AndrewGatlin AndrewGatlin

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