Star Wars Episode III.V: Verge of Rebellion

Post Seven

“Well Ri…judging by the fact that your haven’t used that blaster in your hand, I get the impression you might not be that enthused about joining up with the Imps. I also imagine the Imps might not take so kindly to you NOT shooting me when you had the chance. So leaving you with them won’t do you any favors. I think you better come with us. What say you?”

About that time one of Novus’ crew comes running from the direction of the engine room.

“Captain! The engines on this bucket are going critical! We need to cut and run! Now”

Novus grabs his amplifier and begins shouting orders as his men make their way back to the airlock.

“All Eclipse crew head home now! Imps…hope you have escape pods on this bucket.

“Ri, looks like you decision just got made for you!”

He grabs your shirt and drags you behind him. You are the last through the airlock before the door slams to. You hear a muffled bang as the docking clamps explosively release, and feel the thrum of the engines as the resistance ship tries to put some space between itself and the doomed transport.

Novus hustles to the bridge and you follow in his wake. You get there just as the ship makes it to a safe distance and turns to see the expanding fireball that used to be an Imperial ship. You see a few escape pods drifting away. Novus curses under his breath.

“So much for that new ship. We need to clear out of this space. The Imps will be all over this like a starving Wookie at breakfast. Flynn, set a course for Ord Mantell. We need to find somewhere to disappear for a while.

“Ri, you come with me. We have some things to talk over.”

As you pass down the corridors you see the ship is old, but well maintained. You follow Novus to what must be his quarters/office, and he slumps down at a battered table. One of his head-tails twitches idly.

“So, what did you think of my little speech I gave the Imps? ‘This space is closed….blah, blah, blah.’ Heh. Bunch of bantha slobber truth be told. But the Imps don’t know that. Hopefully, they’ll spend a cycle combing this space for us. We’ll be long gone.

“Now then, what are we going to do with you? How do you really feel about the ‘New Galactic Order’? What do you know about how they really operate?”


AndrewGatlin AndrewGatlin

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