Star Wars Episode III.V: Verge of Rebellion

Post Ten

I suspiciously eyed the glorified robot. Back on Kwenn, droids were only used by the few elites. They were nothing more than slaves, really. Now I was supposed to take orders from this machine? It wasn’t exactly something I was used to. But not wanting to anger Novus, I decided to be amicable.

“Nice to meet you, Peek. A battle droid, eh? I recall hearing about your kind’s involvement in the Clone Wars. Of course, that was really just from a few days we spent on that in school. Nothing of any consequence ever happened out on our rock. You have any exciting stories? Were you involved in any fighting?”

“Erm… uh… does not compute…”

I looked at Novus, who chuckled.

“As I said Ri, this unit was pretty beat up when we found him. His memory had to be wiped clean. It’s probably for the best. There’s really no telling what he was programmed to do. One wrong move around him, and it might have been a blaster to the back! As it stands now, he probably doesn’t even know how to use a gun.”

No movement or response from the droid. Suspicious creatures, indeed.

“Now, you two better move along. Peek, why don’t you take Ri to his quarters? After all the action of the past couple of hours, he is probably longing for some sleep. These humans always seem to need recharging, even more often than you.”

The droid croaked its metallic response.

“That’s funny, Captain. Come on, Ri. Let me show you to your room.”


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