Star Wars Episode III.V: Verge of Rebellion

Post Two

_As the ship rocked to almost a 45 degree angle, I jumped in the air, holding my body there for several seconds before finally landing gently on a railed platform as the ship returned to a horizontal position. It was an athletic feat that had always marveled my comrades on Kwenn. I never thought much of it. I always felt like being truly in touch with your mind and surroundings can help your body perform tremendous acts. I had never understood why the others didn’t realize it.

Suddenly, I was thrown against the wall. Ok, that part was unexpected. I heard an engineer’s voice._

“I think we’ve got a damaged hyperdrive over here! We’ve fallen out of hyperspace! Somebody alert the bridge. Let the captain kn…”

He was cut off by another violent blast that filled the room with hazy blue smoke. I choked up immediately. I had heard of the hyperdrive technology back home, but didn’t know very much about it. Let’s be honest – this was my first flight through space, ever. I was perfectly content back on Kwenn. Why did others always feel the need to roam the galaxy? What were they looking for? Now here I was, my fears coming to fruition. Light-years from my own home, what if our ship was damaged beyond repair? Captured for loot? Were these so-called “Imperials” really people that could be trusted? My father always told me that men shouldn’t follow others, but instead lead themselves to their true destiny. Why had I forsaken his advice so easily? I saw the aforementioned engineer emerge from the smoke, and said the only thing I knew to say.

“Friend… is there anything I can do to be of assistance?”


AndrewGatlin AndrewGatlin

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